The Space Between

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  • The space between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a time of joy, family and fun. For others, it can be the most difficult time of the year.

    Just as this holiday season can bring out your best side, what we are most grateful for in our lives; for some, it can be a reminder of what they have lost or what feels so empty. Holidays can be happy times, and yet holidays can bring out true challenges and be really hard.

    Compassionate eyes
    Consciously take a moment now, to set your intention and dedicate your energy to look with eyes of compassion into everyone you interact with this month. The next time you're patience is running on empty, soften your gaze and see things with compassionate eyes. Whether it be a loud and obnoxious holiday guest, or your own tired and cranky spouse, see them with a fresh vision of understanding and tenderness.

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    Holiday hustle and bustle

    During these next few weeks of hustle and bustle, instead of joining into a frenzied pace of "not enough- time, energy or money" mantra, let's pause for a moment. Lets look for opportunities to stay focused at our task at hand. In doing this we automatically find a place of centered calm.

    Try these calming tips during this holiday season

    • Stay in the Present Moment. It is a gift you give yourself!
    • Slow down. If you feel you don't have enough time- prioritize what's most important.
    • Smile. Look for opportunities of spontaneous cheer! There may be more around than you think.

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Published On: December 04, 2008