A Bag of Hope

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  • My children always want to give to the people on the street, especially at this time of year. When we learned about the idea called “bags of hope,” we joined in with loads of enthusiasm, preparing food items and a note with a prayer of hope packaged together for the next homeless person we would see on the street.

    Offering a bag of hope

    Handing a bag to a grateful-looking person, we attentively watched as he reached into the bag. He pulled out the note before the food. His cold stiff fingers carefully and gently unfolded the paper. He quickly read the words written by my daughter, Sarah. They said, “Don’t give up. God put each of us here for a reason and don’t waste it. My prayers are with you.”

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    Give and gratefully receive

    His big, tired eyes looked up to us as he lifted his hand, giving us the thumbs-up sign. His cracked lips mouthed the words, “Thank you.” It was a good feeling. Something so little had rewarded us so big. Planting and sowing the seeds of charity and hope leave room for goodness to grow.

    It’s the season to give

This magical time of year brings with it a charitable energy that lends itself to the act of giving. It is easy to give to others right now. Leading by example in graciously giving and receiving of our self in some new way.  Here are some tips to get you started

    • Often the best place to start is with our own family. Being generous to our family members pays back almost immediately with ripples of good will under our own roof. 
    • Look for opportunities that are easy and effortless. 
    • Don’t make it complicated. Keep it simple and within reach.
    • It is amazing by how simply opening up our awareness to this idea brings in endless possibilities.

    Giving makes you feel good

    Handing out “bags of hope” is part of our family’s Christmas activities. It has become a welcomed tradition at this time of year. My enthusiasm is to encourage you in creating a “giving” tradition. In turning your attention to giving- you reap all the sweet benefits that offering up  to others effortlessly brings. So join in the season of giving. Find a new way to give to others. You'll be doing good work and feeling good.

Published On: December 17, 2008