Yoga Pose for Stress

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  • Here it is. One of my favorite “stress busters.” When life gets busy and I feel I am being pulled in several different directions⎯ this comforting and head clearing yoga pose is the position you will find me in.

    Not just a "trend"

    Yoga's roots extend over 5,000 years. According to Yoga Journal 11 million Americans practice yoga, and as a former yoga teacher (and who has practiced daily for the past thirteen years), I can confidently tell my readers⎯ “Child Pose” is one of my personal favorites.


    Pose of a Child
    The Sanskrit (ancient Indian text) word for this pose is “Balasana” (bah-LAHS- anna) which translates to bala= child asana= pose.

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    What are the benefits?

     The benefits of this pose are greater than the stretch that my hips, thighs and back get from this position- it is the calming of my brain that this pose provides my welcomed relief. It helps ground me and takes away my  “stressed-out” fatigued feeling. It is also a fantastic tonic to stretch my spine and relaxes my sciatic nerve.

    How to do it
    Follow these instructions for "Pose of the Child":
    1.    Kneel down and sit back on your heels.
    2.    Bend forward from your waist and stretch out your arms in front of you.
    3.    Stretch from your hips all the way to your fingers.
    4.    Feel your tummy resting on your thighs; your forehead is resting on the floor.
    5.    Breathe in and out through your nose. Stay as long as you are comfortable.

    Do not attempt this pose if you are pregnant or have a knee injury.

    Looking for more?
    If this pose sounds like an idea for you to try- check out my book
    You can download this pose along with the first three chapters for free!

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Published On: December 27, 2008