MTV Recognizing Anxiety Issues in Veterans

Sofia Editor
  • MTV aired a new Special News Report yesterday (July 28th) in their True Life series that follows three young veterans with PTSD.  The show documents the difficulties of re-integrating into civilian life after serving in Iraq, and how that process is even further complicated by PTSD.  The men and women in this documentary were so affected by their PTSD that their physical symptoms would prevent them from going to work, or even leaving the house, leading them into unemployment.  The army's rehabilitation program helps to provide counseling, but seems to do little with respect to financial management assistance or anything of that nature...which is why MTV stepped in.  At the end of the show MTV, with the help of rapper/musician Kanye West, pays off all debt, tuition fees, and medical bills that the vets might have accumulated.  These three vets are also provided with financial management classes.  Clearly MTV does not think these young veterans are getting the help they deserve as PTSD sufferers.  What do you think?

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Published On: July 29, 2008