Party Update

Lynne Taetzsch Health Guide
  • Three nights before the surprise party I was planning for my daughter’s 40th birthday party, I woke up at 2 a.m. and knew I would not be able to fall asleep.  I was obsessing over the amount of food I had ordered, and realized we’d have so much of everything it would be obscene.  As I thought about the upcoming party, I started to panic and felt that I just could not handle it.  I felt so bad that I wanted to check out of life itself.  

    Realizing how bad a state I was in, I took an Ambien and finally fell asleep, but then in the morning I was so groggy and out of it, I barely managed to get up and get dressed.  Somehow I sleep-walked through that day, but of course, I couldn’t fall asleep that night either.  This always happens to me the night after I take an Ambien.    
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    Friday was clean-up and prep day, and since that was physical work, I managed to get through it and relaxed a bit when everything seemed to be falling into place.  I also cut down on the food order, and that made me feel better, even though doing so also made me a little nervous that I might not have enough.  How much people would actually eat was out of my control, and not being in control is what makes me crazy.

    Saturday morning all we had to do was last-minute prep like picking up the food and blowing up balloons.  Our street is a private road with a very small sign and hard to find.  We put up balloons at the end so people could see it easily.  I had already emailed detailed directions earlier in the week.  Everything on our to-do list was crossed off at that point, and we were ready to GO.

    Well, the party was a huge success.  My daughter was totally surprised and appreciative.  Everyone loved the food, even though there was still way too much of it.  I sent half the leftovers home with my daughter.  

    Now that I did this, I think I could do it better next time.  That night before I fell asleep, I critiqued everything, like I usually do.  But if I want to be kind to myself, there won’t be a next time.  

Published On: March 19, 2007