Sunday, August 30, 2015
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APage, Editor

Editor at HealthCentral

10-Minute Yoga Sequence for Relaxation (INFOGRAPHIC)

I do a lot of high impact interval training and running, which often leaves me stiff and tense - especially when combined with hours of sitting at work. While I love to crank my ipod and... Read moreChevron

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Jerry Kennard

Five Advantages and Disadvantages of Anxiety

We couldn’t really function without some level of anxiety but as most people know it has a habit of imposing itself when we’d least like it. Sometimes we’re anxious when there’s no threat or danger to speak of – but we think there is. At other times there are situations where everyone’s anxiety levels are up... Read moreChevron

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Trinity, Community Member

Bipolar Type II

Social Anxiety/Phobia

This is my first time here writing on this subject, normally I write about Bipolar or Depression. Two months ago I decided to go back to therapy thinking I would finally find my answers regarding my extreme anxiety on many situations, I was wrong.


I was all wrong, starting with my therapist who is there only to listen not to... Read moreChevron

Jerry Kennard

Anxiety Linked to Sitting Too Long

In so many ways our lives today are better than ever before. We live longer, we are better fed, and on average we work less and have more free time. But, it seems, there is also a price to pay. We are more prone to heart... Read moreChevron

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