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Anxiety can be a symptom of another mood disorder, such as depression. The good news is that anxiety and depression are treatable and people suffering from these mood disorders can live happy, healthy lives.

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If you are a person like me who suffers from both depression and anxiety,the search for inner peace can be a difficult quest. But what do we mean when we talk about “inner peace”? Is it just some cliché promoted by self help gurus? Beyond the clichés I do think inner peace does exist as an essential quality to combat stress, anxiety, and…

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Richard G. Wirtz, Psy.D., Health Guide, answered Can starting a new job cause extreme… Dear LL - You have certainly been through some very challenging times and…


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Lynne Taetzsch, Health Guide, posted Reacting to a Tragedy When more than 30 people were killed this week at Virginia Technical University, we were all…




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