Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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John McManamy

John McManamy, Health Guide

Author and Advocate

Doing New Things, Entertaining New Thoughts: The Bipolar Question of the Week

I like to think that part of our recovery has to do with engaging in things we never would have considered five or ten years ago. For instance, these days, I frequently find myself saying this:


“If you told me ten years ago I would be practicing the didgeridoo an hour a day, I would have said you... Read moreChevron

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Christina Bruni

Christina Bruni, Health Guide

Librarian and Writer

National Recovery Month 2014

As National Recovery Month draws to a close I wanted to review a critical book that I recommend all family members read along with Clean, the book I reviewed here last September.


Beyond... Read moreChevron

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Jerry Kennard

Jerry Kennard, Health Guide


Time to Close the Curtain on the Serotonin Show?

Serotonin as a cause of depression has not only had its moment, it has overstayed its welcome. In the form of a pill aimed at correcting an imbalance, it arrived in the 1980s and was welcomed with open arms. In fact it took the world by storm. Depression, we were informed, was the result of a chemical deficiency and the culprit was serotonin.... Read moreChevron

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Christine Kennard

Christine Kennard, Health Pro


13 Patient Warnings on Safety for Driving with Dementia

Many people with dementia continue to drive following their diagnosis. Research suggests driving continues on average for a further two years. Now a multidisciplinary clinical team from the University of Newcastle in the U.K. have developed a pathway that brings together good clinical practice, appropriate management strategies and, in this... Read moreChevron