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    March 02, 2009
    Eileen Bailey
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    March 02, 2009



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    I am not sure if there is a legal limit, Pfizer, the manufacturer of Xanax indicates on their site;


    For anxiety, the recommended starting dose would between .25 and .50 mg with increases, as needed, up to a maximum of 4 mg. per day. (When needed, increases should be in increments of .5 mg. every three days.)


    For panic disorder, the maximum daily recommended dose would be 10 mg. According to the information provided by Pfizer, dosing for panic disorder would be somewhere between 1 mg and 10 mg per day, with the average being 5 to 6 mg. per day.


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    • sammijo1211
      July 29, 2009
      July 29, 2009

      Yes, I have panic disorder and it took only 2 appointments with my doctor and I'm up to 3 mgs a day, 2 mgs bars and a 1 mg back up (I have to carry the bottle of Xanax with me in public situations). But!! I had no clue for panic disorder it could be up to 10 mgs a day, that is like why arn't you dead yet for your heart blowing up like a atom bomb? Lol, because yesterday my husband wanted to take me to the hospital for a "stroke". That's what my panic feels like, I lose eyesight, my blood preasure rockets, I faint, I'm dizzy and feel like I am spinning. and I sweat perfusely and I have massive nerve spasms only on my left, sometimes looking like a seizure,  and I lose control of my arms and legs but I'm consious or "psuedo-seizure's". Other's say my symptom's sound like TIA, what they call "mini stroke's" or "pre-stroke's". So panic disorder is extremely difficult to deal with, not only is is psychological, it's very very physical too. 10 mgs of Xanax a day sounds like, to me, I want to have dementia when I am 30 years old!!!! (Yes, Xanax and other anti-anxiety like Valium can lead to dementia) So everyone who reads this, PLEASE take the dosage seriously!!! For a first time user, it can take only but 1 mg at once to cause total 100% memory loss, when you wake up. That can cause very bad mood's because alot of that memory loss you will still absolutely know where something important is that can lead to blaming, false belief, which to a psychitatrist will call delusional. SO listen to the first answer, only up .5 mg at one at a time. Never take more than perscribed, or you will suffer consequences!!!!!!! Relationship problems galore too!! I did that once, and I gladly take as perscribed now. I'm even going to college now!


      Anyways, ALWAYS try to take the lowest dosage as possible, if it works right and keeps you anxiety free, there is no need to take any more than that! If you just want to know for the high, thaen you are just a drug abuser!

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  • timmy083077 May 08, 2016
    May 08, 2016
    I really had the same question. I am prescribed 8mg a day and suffer from SEVERE anxiety. I get 120 2mg xanax a month. I have had this same prescription for almost a decade, while the 4yrs prior I was started on lower doses and gradually raised. This month when I see my doctor I had already planned on seeing if he would raise my prescription because I will take 1, and find myself having to have another within the hour. I have never ran out early till the past couple of months. IDK if it's my tolerance which is pretty high for xanax or the added stress to my life. I myself think I have been on them so long I need a stronger dosage. My life STAYS stressful and they have worked for almost 15 years now. The reason I found this page is because I was searching to see if there is a legal limit because I have never heard of anyone getting more than what I already get which like I said is 120 2mg tablets a month. Oh well guess my doctor will have to answer my question. Thank you to you both... READ MORE
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