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Tuesday, June 02, 2009 MelissaLeyva, Community Member, asks

Q: Need help feel like im dying. anxiety is taking over my life

I have really really bad anxiety. i cant leave my house. i am always here at home and my anxiety is with me all day every day. i been through so many medication and i am on celexa now. i take it once a week and am not seeing a psychologist or n e thing. i am 19 and i dont believe it will ever go away. anxiety is taking over my life i feel like im going crazy n life is unreal.. will this ever go away? am i gonna live with anxiety forever? how can i make it go away? please help me

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Answers (4)
Michel, Community Member
6/ 3/09 9:41am

Morming Melissa

Even if its hard the las thing to do is dramatize, they are plenty of things to do in regards of coping with anxiety, first dont isolate yourself by staying at home we all have a tendacy to do so hide like a bird with a broken wing, even if you dont believe right now you still have your wings

I have been living with anxiety issues...yes all my life or at least as far as I can remember but with the help of therappy and psychologist and doctors to, I can say that my life is a good one.

Get active even if you dont feel like it you will see afterwards that is was well worth it, try to find a support group where you can find people who are experiencing it as you are that is of great help.

Usualy celexa is taken every day you might want to check with you doctor.

Keep posting to let us know how you are doing



sabrina32, Community Member
10/28/09 9:17am

hi i have  anxiety aswell im only 32 i have  2 children. i dont  go out much ether not even to take my  kids to the park  with  ot feeling panicy. it really dose my head in. i dont think anxiety will ever go away. i dont  hardly eat my food as i think im  dying but im not. i hope this has help.

crazydays6, Community Member
4/20/11 3:11pm

I know exactly what you are feeling. It is a comfort to me that we are not alone. I feel as if I am going to go insane, or faint, or have a heart attack. I take meds, and they help a little bit. I want out of this prison so bad! I pray to God, and wonder if this is for a bigger reason? But, getting through it causes my family to suffer as well. Wishing you complete recovery and may you help others by telling your experiances. It helped me not feel alone in this. I am having a multi-day panic-attack episode, and I get scared to sleep (thinking I won't wake up) but wondering would that be so bad... josh

bj, Community Member
4/21/11 6:50pm

You will wake up, Josh. I know many who feel as you do, and it will pass.

bj, Community Member
4/21/11 6:48pm

I really am sad to hear you are dealing with anxiety. I understand that it can feel so overwhelming and like you have no control over your life.


Please just take it one day at a time. I myself have experienced such serious anxiety that I felt I would never get better. But I have, and you will too. I personally think its best to seek a cognitive therapist to work out some of the feelings you have in order to relieve some of the anxiety. Otherwise, you may not experience the freedom you need to in order to deal with the situations that come up in your life. I wish you all the best.

kiya, Community Member
5/20/11 9:34pm

I get anxiety too. SOmetimes I feel like i am having a good day, then all of a sudden, I get a palpitation, which leads to my being neurotic. which brings on more panic. I have 3 small children, and I battle this everyday. sometimes their voices seem so much louder that all I want is silence.  I hate this feelign, it does affect my everyday life. I fear that I will have panic at any given moment.  I do not want to take medication. I am currently at a gym, because I was told excersing helps, but I find that I think of my issues when I am exercising which brings on panic.

pleas help!~

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