• Vtecturbo Vtecturbo
    January 21, 2013
    weird sensation inside chest, esophagus, totally drained my life
    Vtecturbo Vtecturbo
    January 21, 2013
    Dear all, 
    I'm currently having weird sensation in my chest area. Once awhile, I felt a gas, or "burble" thump feel in the area from my esophagus connecting my stomach. It is not a flutter, just the "thump " for a one time split second . After that I will have the urge to cough but sometimes doesn't . Sometimes following the feel to burp and sometime doesn.
    And also at times it feels like a sensitive nerve being touch at any point of the esophagus, sending a split electric jolt feel too!!! I went to the doc and was Diagnosed gerd or gastritis. im given medi to help digestion and acid reflux, my digestion did feel better but the above symptoms did not go away!!!  by the way the annoying feel is most felt during the day and seems better at night laying down on bed... i know anxiety might cause this issue, but this issue caused my anxiety...
    I'm sorry I couldn't exactly describe this feel, I'm worried , depressed, and can't carry on my normal life anymore.. Pls help me

    Stanley Tan




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