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Sunday, September 25, 2011 West174, Community Member, asks

Q: How do I get a prescription for xanax? I've exhausted every possible avenue I can to find a doctor who will prescribe it to me with no success. They all simply think I am looking for a high or they're

or they're too afraid to write it for me. I've wasted so much money on doctors just to be told "No" in so many words. I took xanax for nearly four weeks after buying some from my friend. It completely changed my life. I didn't feel anxiety, my mind felt clear, I could breathe, and I wanted to be around people and better myself. The medication is amazing, yet, impossible to obtain for me? It is driving me literally insane just trying to obtain it. Do you have any advice for me?
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Answers (2)
Eileen Bailey, Health Guide
9/25/11 8:56pm

Thank you for your question and welcome to


I am not a medical professional and would not be able to give you medical advice.


From speaking with numerous physicians, one of the red flags of abuse is when a patient asks for a specific medication rather than asking for help with a condition or specific symptoms. In addition, if you have explained to doctors that you took this medication without having a prescription, they would certainly be cautious about giving you a prescription.


Are you talking with doctors and asking for medication and not seeking treatment for anxiety?


My suggestion would be to focus less on a specific medication and seek help for managing your symptoms of anxiety. Doctors may be more helpful if they are confident you are seeking medical help.



West174, Community Member
9/28/11 6:22am

All I know is that I am an emotional wreck and have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. I feel weird saying that but two different doctors have diagnosed me with this. Treatment? I don't know what kind of treatment you're referring to, like.. Talking to someone? Telling them how sorry I feel for myself. That's just not me, I want a pill to pop that will clear the weight off my chest and anxiety. I'm just that simple, I can control my mind, but the brewing emotions of anger, self-hatred and avoiding poeple I can't control. What I mean is I can control myself to the point where I'm not going to hurt myself or someone else, but good god I need something to make me feel better than the way I feel when I get up every morning and I know what that is, it's called xanax. I am so absolutely disgusted with doctors, I am intelligent, I understand what medication works for me after being on SO MANY. Why does it take the moving of heaven and earth to be written xanax. Every doctor or psychiatrist I've seen seems to be so dumbfounded that I have a vast knowledge of medications and their effects, even while they're holding my charts infront of them with a two page long list of medications I've taken in the past. Do all doctors really think they protect occulted knowledge of medications? So far, that's all I've seen. I am 26 years old, I don't drink, I work, I take a shower every day and I'm intelligent. Every time I see a doctor though we end up sparring because he wants to prescribe me some BS pill like lamictil or hydrozenine(SP?) Why is it a crime to want xanax to be my prescription? I'm an evil drug addict because I know it works. 

Daniel, Community Member
10/ 3/11 3:53am

Hi there,


I know, personally, what it's like to suffer from PTSD and anxiety in general. I have been professionally diagnosed with severe OCD, Panic Disorder, Generalized-Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, and depression. It can be very rough at times. I highly recommend therapy. It's not only talk therapy, but it also provides coping skills for your anxiety. Relaxation imagerary, breathing techniques, etc may be taught to you in therapy. Use it. There is also specific therapies for PTSD, such as EMDR. You should look into all of the forementioned. Wanting to just pop a pill and put zero effort/work into getting better is lazy and no doctor in their right mind will, nor should, prescribe Xanax to a person like that. I'm a firm believer in medication combined with therapy. If your medicine disappears for various reasons, then what skills do you have to fall back on to deal with the anxiety when it returns in full force? None, unless you are in therapy and learn the skills. Xanax was not designed to be used as an "easy way out" pill. Xanax is an excellent drug for certain individuals, however if used everyday, tolerance will be built. This means that if 0.5 mg-1 mg of Xanax helps you and everyday you take that 1 mg dose, then eventually you'll need 2 mg, then 3 mg, etc to get the same effect that 1 mg use to give you. Part of the reason Xanax is so addictive is because of the short half-life of the drug. Xanax is quick to work, anywhere from 15-30 minutes after the initial dose, then quick to wear off, within 3-5 hours after the initial dose. This means that you would have to keep popping Xanax all day long; not practical at all. Xanax isn't a pill to be taken all day, everyday. Once you build up a tolerance and keep taking higher doses of Xanax, then you have another problem in addition to PTSD now; addiction. Xanax is very hard to get off of and can even be deadly if getting off the drug too fast or without proper doctor's guidance. It's very dangerous. Have you tried any SSRI anti-depressants, SNRI's, Buspar, etc? They can help a lot with anxiety. Benzos should really be used during "emergency situations" such as panic attacks. If you must take a benzo everyday, try Klonopin, Valium, or Xanax XR. These benzos have longer half-lives. Your first bet, however, is to try a regular anti-depressant first and use benzos only if anti-depressants and therapy fail to help enough or use only for panic attacks and use the benzo combined with your anti-depressant. Also, don't go in asking for specific drugs by name. That's the biggest red flag there is. It says "drug abuser" all over you to the doctor and he/she likely won't prescribe it and will most likely never in the future prescribe an addictive drug to you. Finally, if you go to another doctor and the first doctor send's your medical records over to your new doctor, it may list you as a potential abuser of drugs and the new doctor may not prescribe addictive drugs to you. Be careful what you say.


My recommendations for you:


1) Go to a Psychiatrist for meds.

2) Get therapy.


Good luck!

kristen, Community Member
3/ 2/14 8:28am

you just told someone who has anxiety that they should try anti-depressents. that is like telling someone with diabetes they should try some thyroid medication. i have been on 0.5mg of xanax once a day for YEARS. it saved my life. i have never required a higher dose. 

Hav123, Community Member
4/29/14 3:40pm
I know this was posted a few years ago, but I just want you to know that I literally shed a tear as I read your post. My current life is 100% to a T eveything you just described! So many panic attacks, emotions, different doctors... They treat you like a guinea pig just shoving different anti depressants in your direction. I could not function on an anti depressant. Been there, done that. My friend was prescribed Xanax and she could not take them. She felt groggy, out of it, etc. she gave me a handful to try and it without a doubt it unveiled the new confident me that I've been waiting for years to find!! I am a working woman, i have a good head on my shoulders , I am completely at a loss as to why being prescribed Xanax is out of the question. It's the only thing that brings out the true me. My boyfriend is a business owner and a we live the perfect life. The one thing that is wrong with our lives is my anxiety whenever I run out of them from my friend. My boyfriend is anti any drug and even He agrees I'm a better/different/more upbeat person when i take them. Yet I have to buy them off the streets like some druggie. That's not me. I'm in a terrible situation And it's all because no doc will LISTeN!! I realize it is an addictive drug but who cares? If it makes me a better person and brings out the very best in me.. I have no problem taking it everyday! I'm only taking .25mg a day and have been consistently for a year. It's not like I'm popping 20 a day. Soo my question is: did u ever get this resolved?? It's so identical to my situation and I'm dying to know. Reply
kim hutchinson, Community Member
6/20/14 6:03pm

I agree!! I just need 1 a day and it changes my life!! Don't know where to go!! My doctor now is AGAINST it totally!! :( So I just never leave my house because of anxiety and panic attack!!! :(


Robert321, Community Member
12/22/13 2:09pm

I don't Have an answer for you, I find myself in the same boat. I am ignored, and treated as a liar. I have a long list of laundry issues such as PTSD, bi polar, schizo with chronic illnesses as well. I have been in therapy all my life and have gotten to the point where talking about things does nothing but cause me more grief. I am afraid of the outside world, living in constant scrutiny and dalmnation(damned if you do, and damned if you don't) I also have blood disorders....and am viewed as a derelict of society where no one even looks at me and constantly disrepects me. I am treated like the black sheep of my family and it is a struggle for me to even wake up every day. I have seen MANY doctors and all give me the same answers....and it is very frustrating as I can never seem to get a doctor to see things from my point of view. Instead I am treated like all i am there to do is get high, when that is not the case. I expressed my concerns with my pschiatrist about feeling this way and have even considered the possibility of voluntary Euthenesia because Living with this kind of pain is unbearable and all i feel like is a waste of space and am constantly made to feel like I am a burden. Nobody has ever put me first in their life and always judges me for the choices I have made without even looking in the mirror to see the choices that they have made and how it affected me....such so, they make me a target so that they can sleep at night and forget about what they ever did to me. I am in therapy also, and i can tell you that all therapists are there for you and will always have your back but none the less they are not MD's and they are not the ones that can give you what you need. Yes they are a good tool to lean on as they listen and pick your brain and can help you vent, but if you suffer from a chemical inbalance in your brain no amount of talking will ever change how you feel inside. And if you are already flagged, it doesnt matter how many doctors you go to see after that as this information will follow you forever, and basically I am living with pain in an unbearable measure and i just feel as though no one cares. In fact my perception of life is that people want you to live in their world, be as miserable as they are and want to make you suffer. I am aware of the risks of taking such a drug, that over taking it can a) cause failure of internal organs or b) change your personality or c) be fatal....but as a patient(who also has rights) shouldn't i have a say in the kind of treatment i know works for me? It is unfair if you have exhausted every avenue to seek help with something and to be shot down on every turn...and all i can say is that be careful when you talk to a therapist, they will tell you to express your concern to the doctor, but when you do you WILL got shot is just better to live with the pain that you feel.....then to express your concerns to someone and have them shrug it off like that just dont care....or cant help you....because that will make you worse....another angle i feel, is that if you dont have good coverage, that might also be an issue, and instead you will be made to feel like they are only helping you to get a paycheck and nothing else. Sincerely, Frustrated.

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