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Monday, July 14, 2008 walt, Community Member, asks

Q: can I combine xanax and lexapro/

Lexapro 10mg and xanax 1 mg..Im a reforming alchoholic

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Answers (6)
Casey McNulty, Health Guide
7/14/08 6:23pm

Hi Walt,

Thank you for your question. Medications like Xanax and Lexapro are often used in combination together without any problems. However, it's important to know that using these medications together does increase the risk of side effects such as confusion, drowsiness, loss of coordination, and weakness. If you notice that you are experiencing any of these side effects more frequently, you should discuss with your doctor whether another medication regimen would be better for you. I hope this answers your question!

Best of luck,


vlbhopes, Community Member
7/14/08 11:08am

Hello  walt,

You can go to, fill out your profile as if you take both and the program will cross referance any meds with it's data base and tell you if you can take both, or if there is a problem with taking  both. Good Luck it is how I found out one of my meds can cause a problem with one of the others I take.Smilevlbhopes you find your info you are looking for.

mickey, Community Member
3/17/09 8:59am

i'm about to start lexapro 10mg today... i've been taking 2 mgs of xanax daily... tried stopping the xanax cold turkey and got terrible withdrawal effects.... nightmares and hallucinations -- so doc told me to start taking xanax again at 2 mgs a day and wean off -- taking 1/4 mg less weekly... i'm down to 1mg now -- going to start it with lexapro today -- still hoping to wean off of the xanax -- any suggestions out there... thanks

justme, Community Member
6/ 4/09 2:00pm

I was taking this combo after the loss of my son.  Initially they helped to relieve anxiety.   I took Lexapro daily, Xanax just when the anxiety kept me from sleeping.  My mental state was altered considerably while taking these medications.  I began having suicidal thoughts and eventually attempted suicide.

deeply frustrated, Community Member
12/15/10 9:01pm

Thank you for your reply, I fell less alone.  I have been back and forth to the doctor in the last few weeks with suicidal thoughts and increased anxiety resulting from this combination. My doctor was no help at all as he suggested that I wait patiently until I adjust to the medications.  Ultimately, I went to the emergency room and discovered that Xanax should almost never be given as an anti-anxiety medication or a sleep aid (as was prescribed for me in combination with Ambien).  I discovered that Xanax has a "rebound" effect which means that it has the ability to decrease anxiety in the short term but in the long term and in combination with certain medications can create the opposite effect.  Trying to find help has been one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. 

justme, Community Member
12/16/10 9:54am

Perhaps some people can take these two together but it completely contorted my perception and all I wanted to do was to end everything to get some peace of mind. After my suicide attempt I quit taking both medications and sought therapy instead. Without the medicinal crutch I was forced to deal with my anxiety and sadness and was able to do so much more clarity. Seeing my daughter's face when I awoke in the hospital was more than enough to motivate me to heal. I sincerely hope that you find what works best for you.

deeply frustrated, Community Member
12/16/10 8:11pm

Thank you again... I am working on it through the process of elimination.  Take care.

thegypsetter, Community Member
12/20/10 4:19am

i don't know how it would be to loose a child, but i hope you are finding peace and healing your heart through this tragic lose.  i too have had thoughts of suicide and have felt helpless at times.  i was looking up lexapro because it is what my doctor perscribed and i've always been against these types of medications but it has helped me through some hard times.  i send you my blessings and hope you find peace and happiness. you and your son will reunite and embrace one day, again.  this is something i believe in very strongly.  i'm not sure why... but i feel very strongly that life and family continues after death on this earth.  i don't believe in any form of religion, but i definitely have a belief in god and his generosity and love.  the most important thing in life is to find love and be pure and authentic.  if we can embrace this simple lesson we will have pure happiness and joy.  much love to you and your family.  i've traveled the world and i've seen many who live with nothing (material wise) but they are the happiest people because they know the importance of love.  i'm not even sure why i am sharing this with you, but i hope you can find peace and happiness this holiday season.  oh... you can check out my blog.  ;) at least you will know who is writing to you. !  i grew up with material things, but i didn't have a loving relationship with my family, yet somehow i've learned along the way that material and money have no importance in life.  its about family and friends and being able to give yourself to those close to you.  finding this inner strength has helped me heal and become a more love, authentic self.  wish you the best in 2011.  :)

Carolyn, Community Member
10/ 7/09 5:37pm

I too am a "recovering" alcoholic.  I take 3 - 20mg of lexapro 3 times per day and 1 - 1mg. tab of Xanax and have no side effects.  I go to my doctor about every 3 months.



1941Guy, Community Member
5/26/11 11:09pm

I have been on a daily dose of both Lexapro 20mg and 0.5 Xanax one tab of each for about 4 years now.  I experience the following side effects but they pale in light of the life I was leading which was suicidal and driving like a maniac.  I had a real death wish.  I had lots of guns and I considered using one on myself every day of life. I was also a compulsive spender, I ran up 34000 dollars in credit card debt buying useless things.  Before all this I was self medicating my depression with alcohol and pot to excess.  I can live with the effects these two drugs are having on me.  I am a 70 year old reclusive retired male.  My libido is reduced so much I do not date women or men for that matter and sex is the furthest thing from my mind.  I consider that a blessing.  I was always looking at women and lusting, and masturbating daily.  No more thank God.  My great debt has vanished and I have not contributed to it anymore.  I used a debt negotiation bank and they bargained 40 cents on the dollar I owed and cleared all my credit cards, 13 of them!

I deal with a wierd sleep issue though but think it is more related to shift work when I worked in the prison.  I would often work double shifts from 2PM to 8AM the next day and then sleep for a time in the morning and do it again for about 3 times in a row.  Now, I like to stay up late, write, read and play cards on my computer and go to bed at midnite or so and then wake up at 5AM and take my meds.  I also take two more medications, one for cholesterol and the other for iodine as I had my Thyroid removed.  I see my Medical doctor Pyschiatrist that prescribes my Lexapro and Xanax every month. I just figure I will stay on those drugs.  I take no others and never drink alcohol.  I do go right to sleep after I take my Xanax and Lexapro and that is the best sleep between the two times I do sleep. 

I was very compulsive about house cleaning and washing things before my meds and now I really don't give a damn.  The house is a mess but no one ever visits me and that is fine too.  I like being a hermit.  I was like that in high school but your friends will not let you be a hermit, they were always dragging me along with them on wild drinking parties.  I am lucky to be alive thanks to Xanax and Lexapro and my Doctor.  Laughing

DoctorMike, Community Member
4/10/14 7:20am

Just wanted to say thank you for being so candid about your situation.  I'm so glad to hear that you've worked through some very difficult issues and now see how lucky you are to be alive.  Giving credit to your doctor and some effective medications shows that you have placed some trust in your physician, and that's so important.  I hope you have continued to do well, and keep communicating.  Especially with your doctor.  Good work!

BillF, Community Member
7/ 8/11 12:40pm

I too am a recovering alcholic. I take Lexapro 10MG and Xanax .5 - 1.0 Mg/Day.

I have episodes of depression, but they usually pass. It's much better then the booze. Good Luck to all of you!

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