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Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Dan in N, Community Member, asks

Q: How Long Does Buspar Stay In Your System?

I quit one time and 2-3 days later was light headed and nauseous. It went away when I took another pill.
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Merely Me, Health Guide
10/11/11 9:24pm

Hi Dan


Was it prescribed to you?  Did you just go cold turkey?  If you suddenly stop most medications...there can be withdrawal symptoms.  You need to ask your doctor how to taper off this drug to reduce the risk of such side effects.


How long does it stay in your system?  It all much you fast you metabolize the medication...your weight...there are many factors to consider.


Eileen Bailey has written a post about how long anxiety medications stay in your system that you may wish to read.


Please speak with your doctor about the best way to taper this medication.

Dan in N, Community Member
10/12/11 12:00am

Thanks. I have been tapering myself with the Dr's ok. Last time, after about three days, it was rough. Doesn't make sense to me due to the short half-life, but I'm giving it another go. Thanks for the article info.


Dan in N, Community Member
10/12/11 12:02am

Also, my pharmicist and a former doctor think I'm hyper-sensitive to these meds. The Family Docs usually think it's in my head. But the flu-like symtoms and severe dizziness is new to my life. I never had anythink like this before I started this stuff.


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