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    August 03, 2009

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    Pharmacokinetic At  man, the oral amounts are well absorbed. The plasmatic concentrations are proportional to the amounts: for posologies between 0,5 and 3 Mg, the concentrations of point vary between 8 and 37 ng/mL. The half-life  average elimination of  alprazolam is  approximately 11 hours in the adults in health. After amounts multiple, managed 3 times per day,  balance dynamic is reached in 7 days or less.  urine is the principal way  excretion of the product and its metabolites. L' alprazolam is degraded mainly by oxidation, involving the formation of the primary metabolites:  alpha-hydroxy-alprazolam and a derivative benzophenonic. The metabolite alpha-hydroxy is then transformed into déméthylalprazolam. The metabolites alpha-hydroxy and déméthylalprazolam are active, and their half-life seems similar to that of the product, but they do not find  in small quantities in plasma.

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