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    January 18, 2012
    Merely Me
    Health Guide
    January 18, 2012

    Hello Eugene


    This is a great question!  I sure wish I knew the answer to it.  The true answer all depends.  Medication works differently for everyone.  And it depends upon which type of anxiety you are treating.  Are you talking about debilitating panic attacks or generalized anxiety?  Are you talking about phobia fear or PTSD? 


    Here is a list of some of the more commonly used anti-anxiety medications.  You may want to research this list to find medications which may meet your criteria.


    Feeling "normal and happy" is a very subjective sort of thing.  There are some anti-anxiety meds which work fast...but they also have a host of possible side effects such as feeling drowsy or out of it.  And they may only work for short periods of time. 


    My best suggestion is to talk with your doctor about the possibilities.  I am afraid there are no quick fixes for anxiety. 


    If we can be of any further assistance please let us know.



    • Jarend777
      July 03, 2016
      July 03, 2016
      I am a 29 years old man who has had a brain injury since I was 11. I got hit by a truck in the left back of my head without a helmet. Know I am taking Celexa and I have been on it for as long as I could remember following the accident. I feel that I need something stronger I believe the body has gotten used to it? And my body at least the right side is continually restricted my hand is tight my foot curves under. I have a brace but it still hurts to walk. I have fallen down stairs and up stairs because of my foot. I have a rail on the right side as I am going down which sucks because my right side I have to fiscally look at it just to get it to move. I take ibuprofen for that which works most of the time. I just resainttly quit my job and moved do to marriage problems. What do you think I need? READ MORE
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