• pahunt pahunt
    July 17, 2011
    Long Term effects of bell's palsy
    pahunt pahunt
    July 17, 2011

    why isn't there more information and research on bell's palsy?  I got it 5 1/2years ago, and still have symptoms.  my face is still not right on the left side. I have met so many people who have  had it or know someone who has it or had it.  I don't believe it's as rare as what is reported.  It effects my speech, and the way the left side of my face "works"  my left eye closes when I eat or do other things.  my eye waters, especially when I eat, and I just have this weird feeling on that side of my face all the time.  Why have the symptoms lasted so long? is it stress?  When I got it, the Dr. said it was stress related.  now, my left eyelid seems to droop a little more over time. I'm afraid it'll close all together.  I'm scared I will have other problems with that eye.  There are no answers to these questions, and I feel really lost when trying to find out what the effects of having this for so long could be.  any info would be appreciated.  I was only treated with steroids and anti viral ( I think ) meds when I got it.  I didn't have any testing or anything else. that's all I  had as far as treatment.




  • ppicazo July 31, 2013
    July 31, 2013

    I hope this message gets to you...it's been two years since your posting.  I have the same side effects of Bell's Palsy i.e. eye tearing while I eat, eyelid dropping more over time, "weird" feeling on the affected side of my face.  I continue to receive accupuncture treatments once a week to help with the assymetry of my face.  The treatments have helped.  I've tried to eliminate simple sugars form my diet (check out this website: www.karenhurd.com/pages/healthtopics/specifichealthconcerns/ht-shc-bellspalsy.html).  I take vitamin supplements, especially a good B-complex, and supplement that with B12.  I'm trying to do facial exercises more often to retrain the affected side of the face, although I haven't been as consistant as I should.  I really believe that stess and simple sugars have a big impact on recovery.  Hope this is helpful.  Good luck.

  • Donna-1 June 30, 2012
    June 30, 2012

    My father had bell's palsy a few years ago.  He had problems drooling and one side of his face was paralyzed for a short while, but he was fortunate -- he didn't have lasting effects.  The best info I've found on it is on Wikipedia.

  • luvmydogs June 29, 2012
    June 29, 2012

    I too suffer from long-lasting effects of bells palsy. If I lift my left eyebrow, it sounds like a drum is playing in my ear. My eye tears up and they stream down my face when I eat (very annoying and embarrasing). My eye and mouth still have faint droop. I still have bouts of pain behind my left ear. Apparently, there is no explaination for this according to my neurologist. Anyway, I'm sure the minor side effects I notice from having bell's palsy could have been worse.

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