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Thursday, May 28, 2009 Suz, Community Member, asks

Q: Is Klonopin stronger than Xanax?

Many people tell me Xanax is stronger but Klonopin works a lot better for me. Xanax just seems to make me stoned for a couple of hours and then when I come to, I still have the anxiety. I cannot find a straight answer anywhere. So if anyone knows for a fact which one is stronger, please let me know.

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Answers (3)
Eileen Bailey, Health Guide
6/ 1/09 8:50pm



Thank you for your question and welcome to


Both Xanax and Klonopin are two completely different medications, with different active ingredients. It is impossible to say if one is stronger than the other since they are not the same medication.


All people react differently to medications, what works well for one person may not work well for another and vice versa. There is no "right" medication or "right" dosage, it really does depend on the person and how fast or slow they may metabolize the medication.


If Klonopin works best for you, you should discuss this with your doctor.



RelapseGalore, Community Member
6/22/09 5:05pm

Klonopin is techincally stronger ive been told from different docs, it has a longer half life meaning itll lastl onger in your system, and xanax hits u quicker but dies out quicker leaving u wanting more, which is hwy i think its so addicting, but so is klonopin if ur not careful

rena, Community Member
9/ 2/09 11:21am

i would like to know if klonopin is stronger than xanax do they belong in the same group

JamesMDiwish, Community Member
6/14/12 6:58am

yes they both belong to a family called Benzos (in short). Xanax has a rapid onset of a early as 15 minutes so because of this it gets this reputation on how powerful it is. Klonopin also has a rapid onset like xanax maybe not as fast but retty damn close. Besides xanax hitting you slightly faster, strength wise or potency is equal except klonpin last a hell of a lot longer and will keep a "peak high for up to 8 hours) than half life of 36 hours. Xanax peak level lasts about 4 hours and has a half life about 12 approximetley. So overall as a patient of both and father as a doctor I must say they are overall equal because of the sligth difference in rapid onset medical speaking. As a patient I beleive Klonopin is stronger becasue you literally feel like your drunk on a dose like 2mg. While xanax at 2mg just makes you not care and blackout so a much more dangerous drug regardless of same potentcy. Xanax has weird reactions to the brain compared ot other benzos and little other areas of help other panic attacks and anxiety. Klopopin is good for that as well, plus muscle spasm, restless leg syndrome, and along with valium is the least addciting out of all the benzo(even though these two are still abused by a fair share). Well hope this helps no medical doctor here just been a patient of both and love medicine, I must say thoguh sone time the patients are better to ask about medication than doctors considering the doctor doesnt actual take the pill and just uses his degree. Do what makes you comfortable though and good luck and please be safe and always check with your doctor when in doubt. 

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By Suz, Community Member— Last Modified: 03/14/14, First Published: 05/28/09