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Wednesday, August 12, 2009 Navin, Community Member, asks

Q: i am addicted to zapiz 2mg tablet

i have been taking the table zapiz 2 mg everyday and frequently now i have reduced it from 20tablets a day to just one tablet a day what are the side effects of this tablet and is it fine to cintinue this tablets for lifetime

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Answers (2)
Eileen Bailey, Health Guide
8/14/09 11:16am

Thank you for your question and welcome to


The most common side effects are: drowsiness, dizziness, blurred vision, muscle pain, change in hair growth or loss of hair, change in sexual desire, weight change, increased saliva production, sore gums, or cough. Many people take this medication without experiencing side effects or experiencing only mild side effects. Frequently, side effects will disappear after a few weeks of use.


As far as how long you should take this medication, you should have this discussion with your physician. Together you would be able to decide how long you should take it.



Johny, Community Member
12/10/09 8:58pm

Hi navin m also using this zapiz 2mg for a long time(18 months),Now my skin looks so rough.some times feel irritated,and i hate this to take this anymore but i could n't quit

when i try to quit i feel very much irritated worst than before(stomach pain,eye pain,Ear) I feel like my life is in please avoid taking high dose.

some one please advice me  how to get rid of this tablet.(pls take this serious) 

Johny, Community Member
12/10/09 9:01pm

H Aileen pls reply asap

Navin, Community Member
12/25/09 6:57pm

hi aileen, well i completely understand what u are trying to say and i have different side effects of it, originally it use to relax me and give me calmness and i use to sleep but now, it makes me restless and more hyper at times, and over react, well would like to advise u one thing if u listen to me i would really appreciate , this is one table i would not like my enemy also to be addicted to , ur brain ur memory , ur strength of thinking is gone , initially we are getting relaxed u gave 18 months, i have given almost 6 yrs now, and the bottom line is i have forgotten my most of the memories and its affecting my memory , i am forgetting all the short term memory and cant remember numbers, or things , its becoming difficut,. so my advise is leave it. u can leave it instantly, but from zap 2mg cut down to zap 0.5mg, as that is better , i would not suggest u zap 1 mg as that is u wil become resltess , so half of it is zap 0.5 its the mildest dose, try it for 2 days and u wil see the difference this is how i reduced it , if i can u surely also can, i use to take zap 2 mg , around 20 tablets in a day now i am just taking one a day, and its all my will issue, and just the fact that one fine day i dont want to forget completely who i am , SO JUST TRY THIS AND LET ME KNOW I AM THERE TO HELP U AND GUIDE U , AS I REALLY WANT U TO COME OUT OF IT , PROMISE ME WE CAN STILL FIGHT , WE HAVE THE WILL , ITS JUST WE HAVE TO IMPLEMENT AND WE ARE MCH MORE STRONGER THAN THE WORLD....SO DO IT, I HOPE U WILL TRY FOR ME,. I WILL WAIT FOR UR REPLY ....

Navin, Community Member
12/25/09 6:59pm

johny this i have written it for u

Richard, Community Member
1/26/10 3:06pm

Hi Navin,


It really helped me,Now i have reduced to 0.25 mg everyday hope i can quit this with in 3 weeks of time.I felt all the side affects you have mentioned.we can rename the tablet as killer tablet Smile.Joined yoga its helping me a lot to deal with my anxiety problems.

I will suggest you to join yoga.Thanks for your help.









Arcr, Community Member
11/27/12 10:54am

betacap tr 40mg a ssri pill use this one in place of zapiz. do not quiet immediatly zapiz pill you rid that one gradually lessing the power of that pill in some weeks

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