• brendan100 brendan100
    April 08, 2010
    how long does one 0.5mg xanax stay in my urine?
    brendan100 brendan100
    April 08, 2010

    i took one 0.5mg xanax on monday night, i will have a drug test friday morning, will it still be in my urine?



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  • PBBREB April 10, 2010
    April 10, 2010

    I used to use xanex at least three times a week and about twenty at a time, so it may be different, but I know that I took one .5 and a month later failed a drug screen and had not taken any in about two years.

  • Donna-1 October 02, 2010
    October 02, 2010

    What matters in these drug tests is not that you took xanax (or anything else) but whether you have a prescription for it.  Anything you take with a prescription from your doctor is okay. Unless perhaps you are operating heavy machinery and are not supposed to be taking anything that might make you have slow responses or feel sleepy -- but you should already know whether or not that is restricted.


    Read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alprazolam

    On the right side it shows the half-life.  And from my calculations it would be out of your system in 3 days, so you should be safe.


    I have taken random drug tests with up to 5 different psychotropic meds onboard and they never even asked me about any of them.  It was mostly illicit drugs they were looking for, I guess, like cocaine and marijuana.  But I did have a co-worker (asst mgr) who was fired because he had taken one of his wife's Vicodin for back pain.  It was not prescribed specifically for him, so he was fired.

  • kickfire October 01, 2010
    October 01, 2010

    i want to know too. Did u find the answer?

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