Tuesday, May 03, 2016
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People Who Are Living With Anxiety


Beth, Community Member


Never had a healthy sexual relationship

First there was my father who molested me, then my 1st husband, I only gave him sex as I thought it was my obligation.  I absolutley hated oral, last bf, as soon as I was released from the hospital w/ a cervical collar on he had to have sex.  This last one I awoke one morning to him going down on me and biting..... Havent talked much... Read moreChevron

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Merely Me

Merely Me, Health Guide

Freelance Writer who suffers from Anxiety and Depression

Birth Control and Politics: The Power of the Pill at the Polls

Okay so we know that abortion is a divisive topic among politicians and voters. There is no surprise about that. But birth control? Really? Is it just me or is the recent political... Read moreChevron


dewalt.17, Community Member


dont want to be on this evil planet anymore

I have went from one bad relationship to another, have fought to live or more like survive... residule effects from a car wreck that have left me in physical pain.  The emotional pain from past is almost more then I can bear, the holidays were what they were and I briefly felt happy. but According to my BF if I don't have a 24/7 smile on... Read moreChevron


mark, Community Member


What to do before later on comes

I had a question but this site wont let me for some reason so I decided to ask it in here. I'm constantly feeling anxiety and it's not to bad really but I have panics attacks through out the day, really intense ones. I feel ok for the time being besides the shaking and sweating but always later on in the day I get real bad panic attacks, I... Read moreChevron

Caring Person

Caring Person, Community Member


The Real Thing

    Last August I wrote my first sharepost. Shortly before that I had found this site on a night away from home when I was feeling really bad physically. I tried not to worry and thought it might just be symtoms of anxiety. I went in the hospital about that time with intestinal bleeding, and shortly after, back in with a blood... Read moreChevron