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Jerry Kennard

Jerry Kennard, Health Pro

Chartered Psychologist

Eating Anxieties

We are bombarded by messages about food, its effects and what is good and bad for us. Just when you think you’ve grasped these ideas they seem to change again. The messages can also seem contradictory. We know that too many sweet or fatty things help to pile on the pounds, yet there’s a bikini-clad model gorging on a chocolate covered... Read moreChevron
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Eileen Bailey

Eileen Bailey, Health Guide


20 Ways to Deal with Holiday Anxiety

The holidays are a stressful time for many different reasons. Some people with anxiety have a difficult time with the many activities going on, some may be experiencing financial difficulties, sleep may suffer and the expectations of our holiday season may not measure up to the reality in our lives.    Whatever the... Read moreChevron
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Bobbi, Community Member


age 39 anxiety and panic attacks for 10 years

I have had panic attacts for 10 years now. Currently I am taking Pristiq 50 mg and Xanex 0.50 mg twice a day. I stay confussed and my memory is shot. I am a Jr in college with a husband and five kids. I have went from one medicine to another and one doctor to another and they just brush it off and say learn to deal with it. Well guess what I am... Read moreChevron

GoingNuts, Community Member



Hi,   I am a 48 year old female and have had anxiety attacks and panic for many years off and on. I have xanax always in reach if I need it. But usually a prescription lasts me a long time.   lately however I am very concerned and want to know if anyone can give me some advice.   I have surgery on Tuesday 7/27 and I am in... Read moreChevron

mimsja, Community Member


Anxiety Medication Survey

Hi everybody! My name is Jasmine and I just got accepted into a program called PreHealth Prescription Rating & Experience Program  for rateadrug.com and in my program I'm researching medications for anxiety. I could really use anyones help. All it takes is a quick survey for whichever medication you have taken. Everything is absolutely... Read moreChevron

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