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Managing Holiday Anxiety

Ways To Manage Your Holiday Anxiety

  • Healing Hobbies to Adopt for the New Year
    Recall the memory of a childhood afternoon…simple, carefree, and with no concept of the meaning of time...Remember how naturally relaxed you felt?
  • 20 Ways to Deal with Holiday Anxiety
    Check out these suggestions on how to manage your day to day stress and anxiety during the holiday season.  Find out how to get enough sleep, handle an influx of family members, and have fun at parties!
  • Holiday Stress
    Managing Holiday Depression
    Stress and anxiety over family functions and dealing with overextended children may top the message of peace and love. Find ways to avoid the holiday blues as well as ways to manage depression during this time.
  • 10 Tips For Helping Children with Anxiety During the Holidays
    When parents are overwhelmed, children can pick up on those feelings and become overwhelmed as well. For children with anxiety, these feelings can cause them to not enjoy the holiday season.
  • Making Holiday Shopping Easier For Children With Anxiety
    For children with anxiety, shopping trips can be a source of dread. Being in large crowds or in unfamiliar shopping malls can increase symptoms of anxiety and trigger panic attacks.
  • Anxiety and Thanksgiving Dinner
    As Thanksgiving approaches, many people get excited at the prospect of spending time with friends, family, and food. But if you have anxiety, these things could be triggers. Read on to find out how to manage your anxiety and plan ahead to avoid it!
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder During the Holidays
    PTSD sufferers have a more difficult time during the holidays for any number of reasons.  Here are five tips to help navigate the holidays with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Expert Advice 

  • Keeping Pace with the Holiday Frenzy
    Expert Kimberly Tyler discusses how she managed to change the holidays to fit her needs. "I had to find my own comfort level and my own pace if I was going to stop spinning my wheels and continuing forward with " my deeply held resentments.
  • Kimberly Tyler
    Prepping for the Holiday
    Preparing for holidays usually runs along the lines of shopping, cooking, cleaning, and making sure any fancy outfits do not need ironing. For me, prepping for the holidays means being very clear on where I am standing emotionally.

Related Types of Anxiety and Symptoms

  • Social Anxiety Disorder
    Social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia, is an intense, persistent fear of being scrutinized and negatively evaluated by others in social or performance situations.
  • Sad Veteran
    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    Learn more about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and find out what can be done about this public health crisis.