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Stimulating Your Body's Natural Healing Response

By Beth Irvine

My first experience with homeopathy took place almost twenty years ago when I walked into the chemist’s shop off a busy street in London. I was intrigued by the beautifully organized rows of tiny blue bottles (the size of my littlest finger) along the shelf. My curiosity led me to ask what they were. In the most defined British accent, the shopkeeper’s reply was “homeopathic remedies.”

Used by millions worldwide

Homeopathy, used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, is derived from the Greek words homios meaning “similar” and pathos meaning “suffering.” Homeopathy works on the basic principle of “like cures like.” The remedies taken are derived from plants, minerals, and animals, and are dispensed in tiny bottles of elixir with droppers or little white pellets the size of a tiny peppercorn. The remedy’s job is to match the symptom pattern of illness, which stimulates the natural healing response.  Living in England, we adopted this therapy as part of our family’s approach in caring for the common cold, allergies, or emotional upsets, even as a jet-lag remedy. Our family’s physician was an MD who practiced homeopathy. Over the years I saw results and became more educated and experienced with this two hundred-year-old system of medicine. In Britain entire hospitals and clinics are dedicated to practicing only homeopathy. It is part of the NHS (National Health System) and six generations of the royal family have used this type of medicine.

Common homeopathic remedies

 The following are a couple of common homeopathic remedies, giving you a glimpse of their curative powers.

Arnica is commonly used in creams for bruises, muscle sprains, and soreness. It is made from the fresh flowering plant in the mountains of Europe known as “mountain tobacco,” where the legends said mountain climbers would chew the fresh plant to relieve sore, aching muscles.  Another homeopathic remedy is the mineral sulphur, which is found in every cell of the body.  A fine yellow powder is extracted from the mineral, which is found near volcanic craters in Italy and the United States. It is commonly known to treat skin conditions such as eczema and thrush.

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