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Improve Your Social Skills!

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6)    Observe how other people react to you. This is not to say to become over-analytic and worry about what other people think of you, but casually observe other people’s reactions in order to determine what is working and what doesn’t work. This can help you to improve the skills that work and discard what is not working.

7)    Accept mistakes. Every person makes mistakes. If you make a mistake, accept it, note what did not work and try again. Don’t spend a lot of time going over the mistake, just move on. Most people will not be that judgmental about your behaviors.

8)    Develop good manners. Making sure you say “please” and “thank you” as well as incorporating good manners in every day situations can help to improve social relationships. Good manners can sometimes hide the feelings of insecurity and nervousness and allow you to feel more comfortable in social situations.

9)    Improve your outward appearance. Developing good hygiene, wearing clothes that flatter you, and  having a hairstyle that makes you feel confident can help you feel more at ease during social situations. When you look good, you feel good and your improved self-confidence can help you relax and talk with the people around you.

10)    Read about current events. Knowing what is happening in the world around you can help you to hold a conversation without feeling out of place. Keeping abreast of current events makes you seem knowledgeable and may give you something to talk about.

No matter how you begin, once you make improving social skills a priority and begin to practice on a daily basis, you will be able to see improvement. This improvement can be your motivation to continue to work on social skills.

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