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Anxiety in Relationships

By Eileen Bailey

People who suffer from anxiety often have trouble within their personal relationships, according to the Anxiety Disorder Association of America (ADAA). The good news, however, is that as the anxiety was treated, the relationships improved.

In a survey completed by ADAA over 1000 people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) were questioned on the role anxiety played in their relationships. Although anxiety was seen as impacted all relationships, including those with children and co-workers, the survey showed romantic relationships being impacted on a greater scale.

Once treatment for anxiety was started, participants of the survey indicated communication within relationships improved. Anxiety sufferers stated they were more likely to either enter into arguments or avoid situations requiring communication with partners or co-workers because of their anxiety.


Constant Worry

Anxiety is most often characterized by extreme or constant worry. This worry is often unsubstantiated, but, even so, the person with anxiety cannot stop. When worry finds it’s way into a relationship, it can appear as jealousy or suspicion. You may know your partner is faithful but may continue to worry about what would happen if he or she were not faithful. This can lead to questioning your partner unnecessarily or feeling as if your partner doesn’t care or the anxiety sufferer needing constant reassurance. Both partners can end up feeling frustrated and angry.


Avoidance of Situations

Many people with anxiety, especially panic disorder, avoid situations and places, which may cause an anxiety attack. For some people, this can mean avoiding friends, family and other social events. In a relationship, this can create problems. Attending social functions and getting together for family events are a normal part of being in a relationship. When one partner is fearful of being in public, in crowded places or has begun to avoid getting together with other people, it can place a large strain on the relationship.

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