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Understanding Anxiety

Whether it’s you or a loved one dealing with anxiety, you’ll want to get a full understanding of the illness, how it is treated and what it means for you and your family. We’ve broken down the basics in our complete guide to anxiety.

  • Introduction
    Get a basic overview of anxiety and an encyclopedia definition of the condition with links to further information.
  • Causes
    Find out what combination of genetic, biochemical, psychological and environmental factors can trigger anxiety disorders.
  • Risk Factors
    Read our guide to find out if you are at risk for anxiety disorder.
  • Diagnosis
    Learn about the tests, procedures and possible outcomes you may encounter.
  • Complications
    Learn about the issues that can arise as a result of an anxiety disorder diagnosis.
  • Treatment for Anxiety
    Your treatment plan might include medications, various forms of therapy and lifestyle changes. Our guide will give you an idea of what different treatment options offer.
  • Anxiety and Children
    Learn about the causes of anxiety in children, and find out what you can do if your child is suffering from anxiety.
  • Anxiety in the Elderly 
    It was previously thought that as a person ages, the level of anxiety and the increase in anxiety disorders in the elderly decreased, but that may not be the case any longer.
  • What Are Phobias?
    Learn more about specific types of phobias and their symptoms.
  • Stress and Anxiety
    Although stress and anxiety are not the same thing, too much stress can be detrimental to your health. Read our guides to learn more about stress and the relationship between stress and anxiety.
  • Panic Attacks
    If you've experienced a panic attack you know how devastating they can be. Read this guide to learn more about this disorder and what can be done.
  • Related Disorders
    Other disorders can be associated with anxiety. Read this guide to find out what they are.
  • Anxiety in the Elderly
    Generalized Anxiety Disorder may be the most common mental disorder in the elderly according to Eric J. Lenze, MD. Treatment for anxiety, such as psychological treatment, has been shown to be effective in treating anxiety in the elderly.