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    Hello HealthCentral friends, HealthCentral is proud to announce our upcoming interview with Jo Frost, aka Nanny Jo, aka the Supernanny, on June 15th! We are honored to be able to have Ms. Frost as a guest and indulge in all the experience and knowledge she has about child rearing, health and exercise, and the ever dangerous potty-training; but we need your help!


    We would like our interview with Nanny Jo to be conducted by you, the users. We are encouraging our loyal HealthCentral users to submit a video of any questions they have for the Super Nanny! (*Plain text questions will also be considered)

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    Nanny Jo was diagnosed with both asthma and exercise-induced bronchospasm when she was 5 and she’ll have advice on how to stay active, rather than sitting out and avoiding exercise because of similar conditions. You can also ask Nanny Jo other health and parenting questions you’d like her thoughts on.


    To Enter:


    Simply enter the URL of your video submission, or enter the text of your question, in the comment section on our “Ask Nanny Jo a Question!” Facebook note page or leave it in the comment section below.


    If you enter through our Facebook page you will be among the first know if your question has been selected for the interview and you will have the ability keep track of HealthCentral’s and Nanny Jo’s progress.The preferred method of question entry is a video submission but plain text questions will also be considered, they just lack a certain pizzazz.


    In the video/comment, please state your name (or nickname/user name), a little background about yourself and/or situation, and finally your question. For instance a sample script may look like this:


    “Hi Nanny Jo,


    My Name is <enter name/nick name>. I’m having a tough time getting my child from his practice potty to the “big boy” potty. He has recently outgrown the practice potty but fusses anytime we try to force him to use the regular toilet. Do you have any suggestions for me?”


    The questions presented to Nanny Jo will be selected at the discretion of our web producers at Once the interview is complete, HealthCentral will have the rights to use your questions on and HealthCentral’s social channels.


    To learn more about Nanny Jo feel free to visit her website here.

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    *Plain text questions will be accepted through both Facebook and this Sharepost’s comment section but preference will be given to video applicants (But if your plain text question is too good to pass up then, of course, we will try out best to get Nanny Jo to answer it.)


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Published On: June 02, 2011