Joe Goofus Struggles to Control His Asthma

John Bottrell Health Pro
  • Joe Goofus is at it again. I'm sure you remember him. He's our asthmatic who does everything wrong, and then he can't figure out why his asthma is so bad. If Joe could only see himself through the way we see him he'd learn that he's his own worst enemy.


    Let's examine Mr. Goofus as he travels through a typical day:

    • We see him wake up and not notice his Advair discus is on the floor, under his dirty socks.
    • He brushes his teeth and looks right at his Singulair bottle in the medicine cabinet, but doesn't think to take it.
    • His chest feels tight and he takes two quick puffs of his rescue inhaler without a spacer.
    • He's stressed about work and has a headache. He reaches into the medicine cabinet, grabs two pills and pops them. An hour later he can't figure why he's so groggyy. If he'd have read the label he'd have known not to take the Tylenol PMs.
    • He's wheezy, short of breath and tired all day at work, which made him pretty much ineffective.
    • Back at home he searches for his Advair. "That'll cure my asthma," he thinks aloud.
    • He finds his Advair and notices, lo and behold, it's empty!!!
    • He calls the pharmacy, and several hours later the pharmacist calls back: "You have no refills, Mr. Goofus," the pharmacist says.
    • So Mr. Goofus calls his doctor's office. The secretary says, "Give us 72 hours to get this done."
    • He searches his house for any inhaler he can find.  Hours later he finds one stuffed between couch cushions.
    • The canister appears empty, yet after running it under warm water for several minutes he's able to register a few puffs
    • He puffs on this Albuterol inhaler several times -- until it's out of puffs.  Still, he feels little better.
    • He tries to sleep that night, yet his asthma seems to get worse, and worse, and worse...
    • Oh, Mr. Goofus, why do you do everything so wrong?

    Now let us follow Jake Gallant. We know him as the perfect asthmatic: he does everything right.  You know:  he's the asthmatic we all try to be but usually fail.

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    • He wakes up and, just before he brushes his teeth, takes his Advair and his Singulair.
    • He has a headache and reaches for the Tylenol PM. He reads the label and sets it back down. He grabs the right bottle and takes the recommended dose.
    • His lungs stay clear and he has a very productive day at work.
    • Before he brushes his teeth at night he takes his Advair again, and notices he only has 10 puffs left.   He makes a note to call the pharmacy in the morning so he doesn't run out.
    • He sleeps well that night

    So let's check up on Mr. Goofus again. We find him all crumbled up on the edge of an emergency room bed. If only he'd taken a page out of Mr. Gallant's book he could have avoided his trouble. Will he ever learn?


    The best way to gain control of your asthma is to be a Gallant Asthmatic. It does take some time and effort, but it's worth it.  It's very much worth it.

Published On: January 23, 2012