I'd Rather Have Asthma if Stranded at Sea

John Bottrell Health Pro
  • I was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean on a beach in Half Moon Cey when my mind started to wander to my asthma column.  I wondered what life would be like if our Cruise Ship -- the Carnival Ecstasy -- sunk and I was forced to swim out here in the ocean, under the baking hot sun, for several hours or days.


    The answer came easy for me because I have asthma, and in the pocket of my swimsuit was an albuterol inhaler.  It's water proof and it floats.  Sure I might get a major sun burn, and surely a shark might bite off my arm, yet if my asthma acted up I'd always have my rescue inhaler.


    If I had diabetes there's no way I'd be able to check my sugar while floating out here in the ocean, and there's no way I could eat anything other than fish.  If I had high blood pressure there's no way I could take a pill, because it would dissolve in my pocket.

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    My mom struggles with controlling her blood pressure, my aunt struggles with controlling her diabetes, and I struggle to control my asthma.  We've often debated what disease would be the worse to have, and the general consensus of my mom and aunt was that asthma would be the worse.  Nothing is worse than not being able to breathe.


    Surely we can't argue with that.  However, if you were stranded out in the middle of an ocean, the disease you'd rather have would be asthma too, so long as you were smart enough to have a rescue inhaler in your pocket.  Remember, the recommendation of asthma experts is to always have one on your possession.  Yes, swimming suits have pockets too. 

    Perhaps I'm being a little frivolous here, but it's a thought that ran through my mind while I was on my cruise to the Bahama's in January.  It was our 10-year-anniversary gift to ourselves, and it was a blast.  And, yes, we left all four kids at home.  It was hard to leave them, but it was nice to bask under the sun at Half Moon Cey, thinking of this goofy post I was going to write.  So here it is.

Published On: March 12, 2012