The Confounded Asthmatic: They Don't Know What to Do

John Bottrell Health Pro
  • From out of nowhere the sniffles, sneezes and wheezes don't allow them to do things they normally love to do, like camp, hike, and play with animals.  Some had it as kids and recognize the signs and symptoms. Some never had it before, but still think they have it.  Regardless, they don't know what to do.  Instead of being proactive they sit around anxiously hoping someone tells them what to do.


    Asthma Attitude: "I think I have asthma, but I'm not bad enough to seek help."  Or, "I think I have asthma, but I'm afraid a doctor will tell me I'm just being crazy."  Or, "What do I do?" 


    Asthma Strengths:  Since they are leaning toward an asthma diagnosis, they are eager to listen to anyone who wants to give advice, like spouses, friends, relatives, and asthma experts.  


    Asthma Weaknesses:  Even though they don't feel quite right, they aren't proactive enough to do something about it.  Instead they sit around and worry.  They need to be nudged to do the right thing.  Without being nudged, they risk their asthma getting worse and taking control of their lives.  


    Lessons To Live By:  Don't be afraid to follow your inner instincts.  If you think you have asthma, if you don't feel quite right, seek expert consultation. Asthma can sneak up on you and control you if you don't get a grip on it. Yet proper diagnosis and treatment can put an end to your worries, and allow you to live a normal life even with asthma.


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Published On: July 09, 2012