Our Asthma Story: Caregiving Twins With Asthma

  • Starting this month I will be blogging here on HealthCentral about being the caregiver to two children with asthma.  When I married my husband almost 14 years ago I never considered how large an impact his own asthma would have on our daily lives.  It was a small preparation for what was to come when our twins, Ella and Ava, were born in 2005.  Almost immediately both girls exhibited signs that they too would have asthma.

    I cried when we were told that it was likely, considering my husband's severe asthma, that both girls would have asthma.  When they were placed on long-acting preventative measures, I cried again.  While it provides some comfort to know there are really good treatments out there, no one enjoys having to put their little child on all of these medications.  Eventually, you get into the groove and these things become normal and not quite so daunting.

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    Ella and Ava just turned nine years old this spring, so I have had nine years of experience as the caregiver to two asthmatic children.  Even though my girls are (fraternal) twins, their asthma is vastly different in how it exhibits and in what triggers symptoms.  This has forced me to become well-versed in different triggers, treatments, and clues to their discomfort.  

    Asthma plays a role in our daily lives, but it doesn't control our lives.  We have found that with some good planning and preventative steps we can enjoy almost every activity.   I hope to be able to share some of those tips with you here and support you on your own journey caring for a child with asthma.  

    If you have a  topic you would like to know more about let me know.  Any questions or comments are welcome so please post them below!

Published On: August 08, 2014