Asthma Complicating your Holidays? Eight Tips to get Through the Holidays Healthy!

  • As I was getting ready for dealing with the holidays with asthmatic children in tow, I realized there are several things we have to think about ahead of time.  Some of these tips could help each of you as well.

    Tip #1  

    Be sure to have any vaccinations that your physician recommends at least two weeks prior to big holiday functions.  That gives the vaccine time to kick in and protect you from being sick should you be exposed to those illnesses.  If you have asthma you should ask your physician about getting a flu shot and if any of the pneumonia vaccines are a good fit for your health plan.

    Tip #2

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    Be sure you have all medications AND enough of those medications.  If you are not sure get an extra refill just in case.  There is nothing worse than running out of medication and being out of town, snowed in or finding everything closed.

    Tip #3

    Know your physician's hours for the holidays.  Be sure any needed appointments are taken care of before they step out for their own vacations.  Emergencies do come up so make sure you have a plan as to where to take your child if they need to be seen quickly.  If you are going to be out of town it can help to look up quick care clinics or minute clinics head of time.

    Tip #4

    Cold air can be rough on some people with asthma.  Be sure you have scarves of mufflers in your bag to use as needed.  Breathing through a warm scarf can help cut down on the sting of the cold air but on those really cold days, it's best to stay inside.

    Tip #5

    Many people with asthma report that certain smells like perfumes can aggravate their illness.  If you are heading to family or having people over a polite reminder about a perfumes potential to trigger an attack should be enough to limit the scents.

    Tip #6

    When you are cooking up that delicious holiday meal be sure to use proper ventilation to prevent any unintended asthma attacks.  Gas stoves can be especially dangerous for asthmatics.  Use an overhead vent that is venting to the outside whenever possible.  

    Tip #7

    Bring your own pillow when you can.  Ideally you are already using a hypoallergenic pillow with a dust mite cover on it.  The place you are heading may not have that as an option.  Bringing your own pillow solves that problem.  Too much stuff to stow a pillow too? Take your dust mite cover and pillow case instead.  That will at least provide a barrier from potential allergens.

    Tip #8

    Try to steer clear of anyone who has been sick in the last 24 hours.  Use proper hand washing techniques after touching raw meat, using the restroom, coming in from outside or after being out in public.  GermX or hand sanitizer can do in a pinch but nothing kills as many germs as good old fashioned soap and water.

    Some of these things may seem minor but paying attention to these little tips can help in a BIG way toward keeping healthy during the holiday season.

Published On: November 19, 2014