Adult diagnosed Asthma

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  • Hi folks,

    I was not diagnosed with Asthma until I was 19 and on my own. Although I had symptoms all through grade school and high school, it was never recognized for what it was. Once I realized I had asthma, the first thing I tried was over the counter products like Primateen Mist and tablets. Needless to say, I was well into an attack before I would use those because being made of something equal to synthetic adrenaline meant I would be shaking for hours afterwards!!

    It was only when I actually saw a doctor for the condition that I realized how bad it was to try to treat on my own. First off, the doctor told me that products like Primateen and such are actually more harmful than what you need a prescription for, but since they have been around forever, and they were approved by the FDA, they have not been removed from the market.

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    Once under doctor's care, I began a combination of daily medicines and inhalers to control the asthma. The mid 90's were the toughest times. In 1994 I was in the hospital 4 times in a month having aminophyline treatments. Eventually, I did get to a point where the asthma was under control (after serious life changes, diet, what I use in my home, cleaning products, laundry soap changes, etc) and now I only use an inhaler on demand from time to time. Usually when the weather outside is cold and damp. That is a trigger for me.

    How about you all? Have you been living with it since you were a kid? Adult onset? Environmental changes cause your asthma?

    Would love to hear from you!! Take care and stay well!

    Vicki M

Published On: December 09, 2007