New Study Confirms the Link Between Obesity and Asthma

  • Experts have known for a while that being overweight is a risk factor for asthma. That's one more reason for all of us to work towards keeping our body weight within a healthy range for our height and body structure.


    Now, a new study released recently at the annual American Thoracic Society meeting suggests that asthma not only increases the likelihood you'll get asthma; it also means your asthma may be more severe.


    The results released at the meeting showed that obese patients—when compared to those who were not overweight were:

    • 66% more likely to report having constant symptoms
    • 47% less likely to be in remission
    • 52% more likely to have severe persistent asthma

    The study sampled 3059 patients who had asthma in 4 different states.

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    So, people who are obese and have asthma will likely need more aggressive asthma treatment and / or a different treatment plan than less overweight people will.


    Also, weight loss should now be a part of the asthma treatment plan. How can you get started if you need to lose weight? Well, here are a few tips, but please remember to consult with your physician first before starting any weight loss program. Your doctor can help you set realistic goals and evaluate your weight loss strategies.

    • First, start eating in a healthier way. That means including more fruits and vegetables in your daily intake and cutting back on high fat and fried foods.
    • Next, start getting more active, even if that means just walking around the block or using the stairs instead of the elevator more often.
    • Visit Health Central's diet and exercise network to get more ideas

    Source: Taylor BA, et al "Body Mass Index as a Predictor of Asthma Severity in Adults with Asthma. Results from the 4-State National Asthma Survey" ATS meeting 2007; Abstract 68.

Published On: June 11, 2007