Help for Kids With Asthma & Their Parents

  • Asthma isn't a lot of fun for kids or their parents. Kids hate to be different than their peers and just want to be able to play and go to school like everyone else. Asthma and its treatment can interfere with that sometimes.


    For the parents of children with asthma, dealing with those challenges can be hard at times. You just want the best life for your child and you also don't want family life to revolve around a child's illness.


    However, keeping your child's asthma under control is the best way to prevent it from taking over either of your lives. I'm happy to pass on a great resource for families dealing with the challenges of asthma:

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    Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics


    At that site, you can learn about many aspects of having asthma, but some of the areas I like most include the following:

    • Play Time — This section of the site is just for kids (and their siblings/friends). Show others what it feels like to have asthma, learn about famous people who have asthma and read stories about kids just like you who have asthma. There are also games & puzzles and even tips for traveling with asthma.
    • School House — In this section, parents can learn about what you need to do before your child starts school. Get tips on how to advocate for your child's health in school, how to keep mealtimes and activity times safe for your child, and much more.
    • Home Sweet Home — At this section, you can learn how to keep a healthy living space for your child, which can reduce symptoms of asthma and allergies.
    • Child Care Center — At the child care center of the site, you can get advice on nebulizer treatments, learn tips on educating your child's caregivers, from his/her grandparents to the daycare center, and even find out how to hire the best caregiver for your child's needs.

    I highly encourage parents to visit this site and take time to explore its many sections. It's well worth your while!

Published On: June 20, 2007