Urban Kids With Asthma Need Frequent Medical Check-ups

  • Kids who live in urban environments often have a higher risk for developing asthma and for having asthma attacks. The reasons for this can be attributed both to certain triggers more common in urban environments, as well as to differences in treatment.


    Cockroach allergens are one of the more potent allergy and asthma triggers, and cockroaches are more commonly found in crowded, run-down, and dirty environments, especially where food and garbage are left lying around.


    In addition, air pollution has been found to worsen asthma in children. Air pollution levels tend to be higher in urban environments too, due to heavy  automobile traffic and other factors.

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    For these and other reasons, Johns Hopkins Medical is recommending that children who live in urban locations and have been diagnosed with even mild asthma should be seen by their doctors at least 4 times a year, quarterly. Researchers were surprised to learn that even children who had only mild asthma at the time of diagnosis had worsened significantly over the course of 3 months.


    Frequent check-ups can help prevent severe asthma flares and trips to the emergency room. So, if you and your child live in the city, be sure to talk with your doctor about the frequency with which your child should be followed.



Published On: December 18, 2007