New Years Resolutions for Asthma

  • It's that time of year again... the time when we all set goals we may or may not keep, but that we truly intend to work towards, at least at the time we make them. You know what I'm talking about... our annual New Years' resolutions.


    I thought this year it might be interesting to create some asthma resolutions you might consider adding to your list. Here are a few of the ones that make sense for people with asthma: 

    1. I resolve to care for my body and my overall health, recognizing that staying healthier will also help keep my asthma in check.
    2. I resolve to take my asthma controller medicine every day as prescribed, even when I am feeling good.
    3. I resolve to update my Asthma Action Plan and to make sure everyone involved in my care has a copy.
    4. I resolve to become an even more proactive member of my health care team.
    5. I resolve to do everything I can to avoid the things I know set off my asthma symptoms.

    That's just a few to get you started... I'm sure you can think of more that are relevant for you.

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Published On: January 01, 2008