New Resource for Parents of Kids with Asthma

  • Most parents already know they can find tons of advice here on about how to manage asthma in kids. They may also know about Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics, or AANMA for short.


    Now there is a new resource specifically aimed at keeping kids with asthma active and participating in sports. It's called Breathe Easy. Play Hard and is the brainchild of a pediatric pulmonologist named Dr. Janis Schaeffer. According to Dr. Schaeffer's mission statement, the website is meant to educate and inspire children and their parents with stories of "professional athletes, Olympic athletes, entertainers, prominent historical figures, and "kids like you and me" that have achieved greatness with asthma."

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    Of course, a lot of the educational information you'll find there is similar to what we have here, so I'm not advocating you visit for that reason. You'll find everything you need to know about asthma right here, including great videos and a thriving community of fellow asthma sufferers.


    But you may want to check out Dr. Schaeffer's "Winning With Asthma" plan for asthma control & health or get your child to enter the Asthma All Stars Contest. And then, of course, there are the Faces of Asthma, with profiles of well-known celebrities who have asthma like Emmit Smith, Kenny G., Lindsay Lohan, Wynonna Judd, and Bill Clinton. Plus, you can watch a video message from the NY Rangers and kids can even ask Dr. Janis a question online!


    You can never know enough about asthma and it may help your kid to feel less "different" if he or she knows that lots of other people have asthma too. And since the Breathe Easy. Play Hard. website is aimed partly at kids, they may enjoy knowing they have a place of their own on the web to go to.


Published On: February 12, 2008