An Asthma Website Just for Teens

  • Every teen knows that having asthma might not be that unusual, but it can still make you feel like you're different at times. Whether it's having to bow out of certain activities because they make your asthma "act up" or having to carry around a dorky looking plastic inhaler everywhere you go, asthma can set you apart from friends and classmates.


    But asthma control is dependent on following the asthma treatment plan closely. And without asthma control, life with asthma isn't much fun for people of any age, but certainly not for teens.


    So the Asthma Society of Canada developed a new website just for teens who have asthma, called It's got a cool vibe. (OK, I'm probably showing my age with that comment, but c'mon teens, you know what I mean, right?) Cool

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    It's kind of got a comic book look, and instead of clicking on menu items to travel around the site, you click on stores in a mall, sections of a room, or signs in the room. There's audio too, and animation, along with 4 cartoon teen guides.


    Learn while you take quizzes, read popup tips and listen to what the guides have to say regarding different asthma-related topics. You can sign up for a newsletter, or even better, for free text message reminders. It's all quite entertaining, while providing essential asthma information geared towards taking control and living a life without limits.


    And there's even a discussion forum designed just for teens with asthma, where you can share your experiences with asthma and find advice and support. Plus, because AirSquare is a Canadian product, the forum is in both English and French.


    To recap, sections of the site include:

    • Air Square, where you meet your 4 "guides"
    • Play Your Way Everyday Sports (advice about exercise-induced asthma & playing sports)
    • Back to Basics Bookstore (basic asthma facts)
    • Newsstand (newsletter & text message reminders)
    • Clear the Air Pharmacy (medication info)
    • Breathe Easy Boutique (info about asthma control)
    • Airway Arcade (tips on inhalers and monitoring devices)
    • Food Court (discussion forum)
    So, if you are a teen with asthma or you know a teen with asthma, you might consider visiting AirSquare. I highly recommend it as a fun way to learn more about asthma and to feel more "normal."
Published On: February 22, 2008