What Is Your Doctor's Asthma IQ?

  • Solid asthma control is key to your health. Some of the responsibility for that control is yours, in terms of actively avoiding asthma triggers and taking your medication as prescribed. Some of the responsibility also lies with your doctor and his/her expertise in treating asthma.


    The American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI), an organization dedicated to providing education and support to both patients and healthcare professionals, recently unveiled a new web-based tool that will help doctors treat asthma effectively. It's called Asthma IQ.


    Asthma IQ offers a 6-step asthma management plan based on the latest asthma clinical guidelines. It is designed to help doctors assess your asthma symptoms, reduce your asthma risk factors, select the best treatment approach and teach you how to manage your asthma.

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    Data is entered into onscreen forms, which then steers the professional through the treatment guidelines. Asthma IQ is free for doctors to use and they're incented to use it by getting continuing education credits.


    Allergists, immunologists, and pulmonologists are all specialty doctors uniquely equipped to treat asthma and allergies effectively. Asthma IQ is an additional tool to help them provide even more targeted asthma care to you. If you're not under the care of an asthma specialist, consider asking your primary doctor to refer you. It can make a big difference in your degree of asthma control.


    To learn more about Asthma IQ and specialty asthma doctors, visit the AAAAI website:


    Asthma IQ program

Published On: May 04, 2008