Influenza Q&A - Interview with CDC Expert, Dr. Carolyn Bridges


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    I recently had the opportunity to speak one on one with Dr. Carolyn Bridges, the Associate Director for Science in the Influenza Division of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This CDC unit is responsible for a number of tasks, including:

    • Year-round influenza surveillance throughout the world
    • Coordinating with state and local health departments
    • Global decision-making with the World Health Organization (WHO) on flu vaccine content twice a year
    • Influenza risk assessments
    • Studies of the flu disease burden
    • Antiviral resistance research and monitoring
    • Improving community and public awareness of the flu and flu prevention


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    I asked Dr. Bridges questions you won't necessarily find on most Web sites about the flu. Read what she had to say and find out what most people don't know about the flu vaccine:

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Published On: December 17, 2008