Why Does the Dawn of a New Season Have to Bring Misery to Allergy & Asthma Sufferers?

  • OK... I love spring. As the magnolia blossoms unfold, the sweet lilac scents drift on the soft April breezes, the grass on the hillsides around my home begin to green up, I find myself awakening from my long winter slumber too. It's a wonderful time of year.


    Why then, must I be burdened once again with an accompanying awakening of allergy and asthma symptoms that were somewhat dormant during the "cold season"? Yes, like many of you, I do have symptoms all year round, as my triggers are found both indoors and outdoors. But I am able to enjoy some respite in severity during winter.


    But now, when I want to be outside glorying in all the beauty around me, instead I have to be careful not to go out when pollen counts are high (early mornings and any warm, windy days) and to avoid my springtime triggers best I can.

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    Sometimes, it just doesn't seem fair, but such is the life of a person with asthma and allergies. Spring often equals sneezing and wheezing, sniffling and coughing, stuffiness and chest tightness. And yes, I do take my medicine like a good asthma/allergy patient, but it's hard to avoid the triggers entirely at this time of year—and still enjoy life!

Published On: April 28, 2007