Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Jennifer Rackley

Jennifer Rackley, Health Guide

Nutritionist & Caregiver

MUSE System Shows Promise in GERD Surgery

Recent research conducted using the MUSE system by Medigus has shown promise for long-term reduction or elimination of GERD symptoms in patients with moderate to severe GERD.  The MUSE system is a combination of incisionless procedures that uses visualization, ultrasound and surgical stapling within the traditional endoscopic procedure... Read moreChevron
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James Thompson, MD

James Thompson, MD, Health Pro

Board Certified Allergist and Asthma Specialist

Asthma Research: Looking Beyond the Genes

Asthma is a complex disorder which may begin in the first year of life and last a lifetime. Modern medicine has focused on controlling this disease by reducing airway inflammation with inhalers. Although death rates from asthma have decreased steadily over the past 20 years, morbidity (the suffering associated with it) has changed very little for... Read moreChevron
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John Bottrell

John Bottrell, Health Pro

A Registered Respiratory Therapist and asthmatic

High-Fat Diets May Cause Asthma in Children

Asthma rates have risen dramatically in recent years.  While there are many theories for this, the theory that a diet high in fatty foods -- such as onion rings, french fries, fried chicken, Big Macs, Whoppers -- and obesity in general may both trigger an asthma attack and cause one to develop asthma.    In my article “Can... Read moreChevron
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Coping with the Stigma of RA

We have all worked with people who have required surgery to replace a knee or remove a body part that was no longer working as it should.  We have worked with people who have been hospitalized with pneumonia.  We have worked with people who have battled cancer.   What do all of these situations have in common?  People are... Read moreChevron
Kathi  MacNaughton

Kathi MacNaughton, Health Pro

Living with Asthma

Is Your Asthma Action Plan Working?

If you have had moderate to severe asthma for very long, there's a good chance you also have an Asthma Action Plan. But how do you know it's still the right plan for you -- and that it is doing its job?   What is an Asthma Action Plan?   An Asthma Action Plan is a written one or two-page outline you develop with the help of your doctor... Read moreChevron