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Friday, July 03, 2009 mmurray358, Community Member, asks

Q: hoarseness with advair use. How long after stopping should voice return

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John Bottrell, Health Pro
7/14/09 1:19pm

I hope you did not stop taking this medicine without first informing your doctor.  Advair is one of the best medicines on the market for controlling asthma. It's a medicine you should take whether you feel good or not, as I write about in this post here.


Hoarseness is a possible side effect of advair, but most studies suggest that if you rinse your mouth really well (and even brush your teeth) after each use that you should all but eliminate any side effects of this medicine. 



thegirlwithquestions, Community Member
6/18/10 8:13pm

I slacked off on rinsing my mouth and I have hourseness and my voice all messed up how can I get it back?

nscangal, Community Member
6/19/10 11:01am

I'm not a medical professional, but I've done that a few times and I find rinsing and gargling with salt water really helps. Also, I find I have to gargle as well as rinse to prevent oral side-effects like thrush and hoarse voice, but I may just be sensitive to that sort of thing. So long as I gargle 3 times for 30 seconds each, I've never had any problem (and it seems I can get away with gargling once for thirty seconds, but I feel better doing it three times - it can't hurt, after all, and it might be preventing oral thrush, which is both annoying and gross).

Rebecca Burr, Community Member
12/27/10 7:20pm

My voice is wobbly after taking Advair 250/50 for about a year and a half.  My Pulmanary specialist suggested I get onto Alvesco because it doesn't effect the voice.  However, I looked up the side effects for Alvesco and one of them is hoarseness.  I'm not sure how to win this battle. It has been about 2 weeks, now, that I have been off Advair and my voice is better, but still a bit wobbly.  When I try to sing, I can't hit all the notes the way I once did. I would say, maybe after a month things should be back to normal, or nearer to normal.  I'm hoping! I thought maybe cutting down on the dosage would help, but a doctor would have to help with such a decision.  I hope your voice returns soon!

sharon, Community Member
1/17/12 1:30pm

Thats not necessarly true I have been on advair for 3 months and rinsed and brushed my teeth and did everything possible still got thrush and now its been almost 3 weeks and still cant hardly talk the Dr. had to take me off of advair.Yes it's very good for the lungs but very bad for your throat not everyone is able to stay on this medicine.

Ginny R, Community Member
6/13/12 9:22pm

My husband was just put on Advair a few months ago, and it has helped his COPD and his breathing, but unfortunately he is getting the side effect, hoarseness and can hardly talk.  The doctor did reccommend him to rinse his mouth after each use, but he did not think it was not necessary.


Thank you for mentioning about rinsing throughly.  I will suggest it to him and hopefully, he will get his voice back.  If the hoarseness continues, I will call the doctor immediately.



Tracey74, Community Member
9/24/09 4:08pm

my hoarseness got worse and worse the longer I used advair until about a month ago I totally lost my voice which was NOT from being Ill(never in my life had I ever lost my voice) once I started gradually weaning my self off the advair it started getting better(rinsing your mouth for some does NOT work  I was getting oral yeast infections,hoarseness,weight gain,severe congestion, and I was always clearing my throat from this medicine as well and I ALWAYS rinse my mouth out.I told the DR and she switched me to symbicort which so far hasn't effected my voice but before going off your meds completely tell the DR what your problem is and see what they say.but a month later and my voice is back to normal .

lockwoodnow, Community Member
3/19/14 4:41pm

I don't know about the word "should," but my voice returns in about four days. 


Now I want to know what my alternatives are, because as my voice comes back, my breathing difficulties also return. 

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