• Joann Joann
    February 22, 2009
    Using inhalers for ashsma can give you sores in the mouth?
    Joann Joann
    February 22, 2009

    Can you please tell me why I am getting sores in my mouth since I've been using Flovent 112mcg ?  I have been rinsing with water after every puff, but I am still getting them every now and then.  Thanks.



  • John Bottrell
    Health Pro
    February 23, 2009
    John Bottrell
    Health Pro
    February 22, 2009

    While I cannot diagnose, it sounds as though you may be describing thrush.  The  use of corticosteroids in the oral cavity can diminish normal bacteria that live in your mouth and throat and create an environment that favors yeast.  This in turn can cause a yeast infection called thrush.  Thrush usually looks like small white specks.  It may or may not be irritating.  This is not uncommon and should not be a reason to quit taking your Flovent.  There is an easy and effective cure.  The best thing for you to do is call your doctor and describe your symptoms. 


    Like you I take Flovent and rinse like a good boy, but I still get thrush every once in a while.  My doctor usually prescribes a pill that I take for five days with great results. 



  • Kathi  MacNaughton
    Health Pro
    February 25, 2009
    Kathi  MacNaughton
    Health Pro
    February 22, 2009

    Hi Joann,


    You can help prevent thrush by rinsing your mouth with water after every time you use your inhaler. This helps get rid of any the steroid that may have settled in your oral membranes.


    To your health,



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