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Saturday, October 30, 2010 Mirabel1, Community Member, asks

Q: When do I go to the ER for asthma? Dr isn't answering phone, albuterol & preventive inhalers arent working well. Still wheeze after taking them & nebulizer. Symptoms get worse after only 10-20 mins.

I've been waking up wheezing & needing inhaler & nebulizer tx more than 2x a night for the past two days. Should I just go to the ER? My husband wants me to go in. But I don't want to bother them when people out there have worse problems.
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John Bottrell, Health Pro
11/ 2/10 5:33am

Hey, I've been in your shoes before.  Sometimes I've even toughed it out.  But why?  If you feel miserable, get your lungs to the emergency room.  If you're having breathing trouble you'll immediately be a priority patient. 


As a matter of fact, this topic reaches so close to home with me I even wrote a sharepost about it.  Check this out.


Hopefully you're already in the ER before you read this.  Please let me know how things turn out regardless.  Rick





tanfan, Community Member
10/30/10 6:00pm

Yes, I would go in to the ER, unless you have some sort of "urgent care" facility that might be cheaper.  I would call them first though (an urgent care facility) before you go.  (My opinion only.)

Good luck, and you have my sympathy and compassion. 

Mirabel1, Community Member
11/ 3/10 11:08pm

Thank you so much, I appreciate all of your replies. I ended up going to the E.R. and I they took me in quite fast. I had a single breathing treatment and they gave me a prescription for a medication that I have to take once each day through my nebulizer. *shakes my head* Asthma sure is troublesome. To add to it, I have diabetes type 1 so having two serious health conditions is just...peachy. =P IDay by day my asthma is getting better. I'm a bit afraid to exercise (walking but it's quite a distance so I think I should be wait until I'm completely free of wheezing!) Hehe. Anyway I wish you all the best and have a safe and enjoyable week AND Good health!!! ^_^

John Bottrell, Health Pro
11/ 4/10 12:43am

Thanks for the update.  Glad to hear you're feeling better. 

robin2010, Community Member
11/ 1/10 8:20pm

Hi I have asthma also and from what I understand from my pulmunary doctor is....when I have a flare up an attack whatever it is that us poor people suffer with believe me asthma sucks those people who say oh you can live a healthy life with astma must not have it...I'm always worried am I going to have an attack.It is a horrible feeling.But anyhow getting back to the question.I have a neublizer machine also I was told use it if it doesn't help 20 minutes later use it again then 20 min again if still no relief call 911.Imagine that now that was straight out of my lung doctors mouth....If I were you because believe me I have done this if your not comfortable with how you feel.GO TO THE HOSPITAL NEVER WORRY DO YOU THINK ITS SERIOUS ENOUGH IT IS...I went to the Hospital 3 days in a week if they don't like it the hell with them it's my life They the hospital workers csn not refuse your health.......GOOD LUCK!!

John Bottrell, Health Pro
11/ 2/10 5:43am

Just as a side note here to all asthmatics:  I have worked in the emergency room taking care of asthma patients for 15 years and taken care of many asthmatics, and Neither I nor any of the nurses or doctors I work with have ever made fun of a patient or otherwise thought bad of a patient for coming into the ER.  It has never happened. 


In fact, just the opposite.  We medical workers WANT you to come in early.  We want you to come to the hospital BEFORE your asthma gets bad.  We want to nip that asthma attack in the bud.  We have seen asthma get out of control and fast, and that's why it's important that if you even think you should go to the ER, please do not hesitate.


I say this both as an asthmatic whose been in your shoes, and as an RT who's seen the worse case scenerio.  So don't hesitate! See your doctor or see a doctor in the ER.



leokat, Community Member
12/ 9/10 11:00am

I hate going to the ER for my asthma. I am one of the types of people that even in the middle of an acute attack my pulse ox stays high. I had a nurse tell me I needed to calm down becasue obviously I was getting enough oxygen. However, at the time every breath I took ended in a cough. My mother (who is a retired home health nurse) has said that she has seen patients in respiratory failure still have high oxygen levels. These type of things are what discourages some of us not to go.

 Another time I went to the ER I was told they were taking non-priority patients first since they could get them in and out faster...

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