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Monday, May 18, 2009 rocky123, Community Member, asks


I am 17 year old boy. I have been suffering from asthama since age of 2. last six months i have been taking FORACORT -200 INHALER DAILY. IS IT HARMFUL IF I CONTINUE IT SO FOR ANOTHER 6-7 MONTHS? THANK YOU.

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Kathi MacNaughton, Health Pro
5/29/09 6:07pm

Hi Rocky,


Asthma is no fun to have as a young adult, but the good news is it doesn't have to interfere with living your life or doing the things you want to do... IF you avoid your triggers as much as possible AND take your asthma medicine as prescribed.


Foracort is the same thing as Symbicort and falls into the category of preventive, or controller, asthma medication. It is a combination drug that contains both a steroid and a bronchodilator. Together, these drugs work to control your airway responses to triggers and prevent asthma symptoms.


It is definitely NOT harmful to keep taking it. In fact, if your doctor prescribed it for you, it's intended to be something you take every day (probably twice a day) for a long time, possibly forever. Taking it regularly will help keep your asthma under control, so that it doesn't interfere with your lifestyle. It's not only OK to keep taking it for a few more months; it's probably OK to take it for many years.


If you have any other questions, I'd encourage you to talk with your doctor about them, since he or she knows you and your medical history.


To your health,


rocky123, Community Member
5/30/09 1:39am


ARIF, Community Member
9/26/10 1:12am

Really Appericiated the answer. I m also having asthma problem since last 12 years. so probablly I was of the age as what the boy is i.e, 17.


Now I have different suggestion for the boy.. !

Yes it is not advisable to continue your inhaler for long term!

so you and your family need to decide the other way round to cure this problem...  What it could be??...

1. Lets start with your exercise (only in morning at fresh air!!!) - Run, walk, take your inhaler with you in case you need !

2. Make sure where you live in natural enviornment - Green and fresh enviornment

3. Do not close your vantilation in morning for fresh air to come

4. Stop eating any junk or fast food! Eat vegetables, Juice, grains and healty diet...

5. Go for small walk after you finish your dinner...Daily!!

6. Do not sleep late at night. And Wake early morning!

7. Fix your time for your daily routines.


I am not doctor, but if you believe me, you can see the results in just one week !


I want you to follow and forward these basic 'Arif Rule' to all Asthmatic people to overcome asthama !!!


Best Regards,


Asst. Manager- ISS


Kathi MacNaughton, Health Pro
10/ 2/10 6:29pm

Arif... Thanks for your comments. Your suggestions form the basis of a healthy lifestyle and that is always good for anyone, including people with asthma. But it is not wise to advise anyone NOT to take their inhaler over the long term.


Asthma medicines that are inhaled have been proven to be very safe, with minimal side effects. So, unless the patient's own doctor recommends stopping an inhaler, no one else should be making that decision.


By all means, though, asthmatics should follow all your other suggestions.


Thanks again,


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