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Saturday, October 22, 2011 Roy, Community Member, asks

Q: Using Flovent and albuterol together?

My son has asthma and is on Flovent. On one occasion he ran out of Flovent for about a month and had an asthma attack. We gave him his albuterol as rescue drug. Should we also continue his Flovent during asthma attack? Thank you. 

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John Bottrell, Health Pro
10/22/11 12:30pm

Yes.  Flovent should be given as prescribed every day especially when the patient is feeling good and especially when the patient is sick.  Flovent is a corticosteroid that controlls inflammation in the lungs with the goal of preventing an asthma attack, yet it can also make an emminent asthma attack less severe.


It is safe to take with Albuterol, an it's safe to take during an asthma attack.  However, make sure you are only taking the recommended prescribed dose.  Do not take extra puffs unless directed by your physician. 


I also would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that Flovent is not a rescue medicine.  It will not end an asthma attack.  It's a small amount of steroid meant to prevent and control asthma, not end an asthma attack.  For this reason, Flovent will be of no use unless it is used every day.  You should use it when you are sick, and you should use it when -- especially when -- you are not sick.  


The reason I say this is it usually takes 2-3 weeks for enough of this medicine to get into the system for it to do what it's intended to do.  


If your son continues to have trouble with his asthma, and if you have further questions, you should seek professional medical advice.  Thanks.  Good luck.  Rick.

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Roy, Community Member
10/22/11 6:36pm

Rick, Thank you for that pieces of advice. That really helped me understand the situation.

Dr Yahya, Community Member
11/ 4/11 12:53am

This type of inhaler contains relatively very small amount of corticosteroids so its main aim is controlling the symptoms of asthma. Although it may help in emergency situation mostly it is needed to use a higher dosage of steroids. Therefore, it is wise to use this inhaler every day. In math words: one emergency day of 5mg tablet of prednsolon (x 4-6) may equal the whole month doses of the Flovent inhaler..Imagine! wishes Dr Yahya Shihadeh

Roy, Community Member
11/ 4/11 10:01pm

Thanks for the information Dr Shihadeh. I have come to understand the need for my son to continue taking his flovent everyday all the more.

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