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Sunday, August 28, 2011 ssewl, Community Member, asks

Q: Can Albuterol or Pro-Air Inhaler Give You A Sore Throat?

I've been using an albuterol inhaler for a year now, and my left tonsil is sore periodically.I even see a light whitish spot for a year now. Is this a side effect from the inhalers.
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John Bottrell, Health Pro
8/30/11 7:57am

This is not listed as a side effect to the medicine.  However, sometimes side effects are unique to the individual.  Usually if you're going to have side effects to a medicine this will occur within the first 2-3 weeks.  If you suspect this is a side effect of the medicine you should consult your doctor.

tanfan, Community Member
9/ 1/11 2:11pm

Of course ProAir can cause a sore throat:

Proventil HFA was the first CFC-free albuterol inhaler that I used.  Then, I switched doctors (couldn't help it) and she prescribed ProAir for me.  I stopped using ProAir when I realized it was like pouring acid down my lungs -- probably because it has a higher ethanol content than Proventil.  (Ethanol is used as an excipient, or co-solvent.)  Then, I switched to Ventolin HFA, which is one of the only CFC-free albuterol inhalers and that doesn't contain ethanol -- and at least it doesn't feel like I'm pouring acid down my lungs.  Asthalin HFA (made by Cipla, in India) is another CFC-free and ethanol-free albuterol inhaler that I sometimes use, and I even use Levolin HFA (also made by Cipla), which is a levoalbuterol inhaler (generic for Xopenex) that only contains a small amount of ethanol, which is usually tolerable for me. 

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